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We will be delighted to welcome you in the upcoming days.


Warm regards to the entire team at the Club

Here, You can access the Club on foot, by car, or by motorcycle. If you access by car or motorcycle, you can use the parking area, but you must inform the Club's staff of the name of the Member Company of the Club de Empresas that invited you before entering the parking lot.

To access the sports or social facilities of Arsenal Masculino, you must present yourself at the Club's Reception to register your entry, showing the invitation sent to you by the Member Company of the Business Club.

To register your entry, you must provide your ID card or original official document to the Reception staff, who will make a note of your full name and ID number. Additionally, they will provide you with a welcome card indicating the personalized locker assigned to you and the code number to unlock it.

Arsenal Masculino offers a wide range of clothing and sports equipment for you to enjoy all the activities and services of the Club (towels, swimsuits, flip-flops, sports pants and shirts, socks, sneakers, and rackets for all racket sports). You can request the clothing or equipment you need from the locker room staf

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