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The Arsenal Masculino sport club is located on calle Pomaret, next to Ronda de Dalt, and was founded in 1983. In the beginning, in the pre-Olympics Barcelona of the 80s, the club had just one building that housed a small changing room, two bright fitness rooms, a pleasant yet small water area with an indoor pool, a restaurant that was a meeting point for many of our members, and eight squash courts, the most popular sport at the time. In this building, a friendly atmosphere emerged in which most members knew each other and came to the club to be with friends and practice sports. Some of the fitness classes were led by Mr. Carcas himself, founder and owner of the club and a sport enthusiast. The club was for men only, a pioneering and for some thought bold idea but that has been the cornerstone of the club for its almost four decades of existence. At these early days, the value of attention to detail started to be understood. Members felt right at home and we offered them conveniences like in-house laundry so they could have clean gym clothes without having to bring a gym bag with them every time they came.

And the club grew. Our current building, Casa Rosella, was acquired and remodelled. Plans were made for a 25-metre heated outdoor pool and our current spacious park. Arsenal Masculino was one of the first clubs in Barcelona to have paddle tennis courts (six to be exact) that are still there. They help underscore the club’s social character through a racket sport that today is wildly popular but that was not always.  With the improvements and extensions of the first few years, we also built a car park for more than 100 vehicles, a new and spacious water area, the saunas, and the steam and thermal baths, which are one of Arsenal Masculino's defining features.


More recently, a new property was acquired on Calle Anglí, where a spectacular outdoor salt water jacuzzi was built and we extended the changing room and fitness rooms by building a new building. New ongoing remodelling and improvement ideas and projects are underway for the next few years.

Over the years, thousands of members have enjoyed the club. Some have been with us since we opened, others have moved on, and others have come back after being away from Arsenal for a spell. The same can be said of our employees. Many people have worked, work, and will work with Arsenal, each contributing their part to this club's history.

From the start Arsenal Masculino has preserved and encourages its most characteristic ideals as a bellwether club in men's grooming and wellness, innovating at every turn and investing in the most advanced and innovative facilities all the while staying true to its family and personal roots. Today, these characteristic values that define and set Arsenal Masculino apart are alive and well, making this club a special place for its members.

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